November 28th, 2002


Happy Thanksgiving

Goodness, we've got a full house tonight - Daniel & Mike, Ben, David, me, Tom, Mike & John (all the regular crew), but then three couples that are friends of Mike & John's from the bay area are down (two couples are staying the weekend). Haven't had this much family in the house for a long time - it's neat!

Had a nicelooooooong chat with the complainer in Palm Springs. After an hour and forty-five minutes of telling me how much he disliked the current president and it seemed to be mostly a personality conflict, he tells me he'd be happy to sit down at a table with him to see if they can work together. Huh? Um, ok - so I get to play mediator after all. I question, though, whether I can get these two disparate people to work together. The only hope I see is if they get a large enough committee that any individual personality clashes become lost in the consensus. Time will tell.

Work was tough today - getting my one boss ready for a trip right after the holiday, the other one wondering why I haven't gotten much done for him lately (uh-duh). I plan on doing a lot of catch-up while the first is away next week.

I'm tried. :(

Tomorrow I get to sleep in (although I really shouldn't - I've got so much to do to get the Gaylaxicon stuff ready for Loscon), eat dinner, more people are stopping by (including the chew toy, back from a short trip to Vegas with a friend), and then Friday I'm off to glorious downtown Burbank.

I'll get around to writing about the chew toy & ex in Texas situation a bit later. Right now I'm gonna check mail and head off.

I also think it's neat that the people I actually hang out with in real life (like Ben) have LiveJournals, so even when I don't talk to them directly, at least I mostly know what's going on in their lives (like the sad things happening to Dwagon the past few days).

Happy Thanksgiving!
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