November 22nd, 2002


OK, this could work...

So I went spelunking the web to find a suitable image to have of myself. I mean, come on - *anyone* could have just a picture of themselves, but that's boring. So who should I go looking for?

- I used to have a picture of Hodgepodge from "Bloom County," but he's kind of outdated and goes along with my old web page.
- There's Criminy from "Sinfest" (, a cute but naive li'l guy. Don't want to infringe Tatsuya's artwork, though.
- Thought about picking up an image of a Joeboy from Joe Phillips' talented hands (, but I figured if I was going to do that, I'd finally get around to scanning the actual picture he did of me at San Diego Pride this past July (with the cute li'l Asian & white boy couple he drew on my t-shirt for me).
- Briefly flirted with finding a picture of Hermie the dentist elf from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," but it was a very brief flirtation.
- Recently someone said I looked like a cartoon character with my blond highlighted hair, but now for the life of me I can't remember who it was or what character it was. Hmmm.
- Toyed with the idea of finding my "furry" side and posting an anthropomorphisized (is that word?) picture of myself, but I realized I'm not a furry and I wouldn't know what animal I was if I were.
- Settled on Gir from "Invander Zim," 'cause I'm just that dippy. :)

Perhaps I'll post a picture of myself somewhere down the line, but this'll do. Oh, and I updated my bio, too. Fairly comprehensive, but I'm sure I forgot a thing or two or three. I am, after all, quite a complex kinda guy... :)

- Alan
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So much I could write about...

* My current dating situation - an embarassment of riches, I'm afraid. Oh, dear, oh, my - when it rains, surely it pours.

* My career - needs an overhaul. Still need to go to school. Isn't that what I moved out here for? Plus I'm uberbusy lately - having two frenetic bosses isn't helping.

* My finances - don't even get me started. One of my new boys is a financial advisor and wants to not only help me clean my room, but help me organize my checking account. I'm scared.

* My hobbies - Gaylaxicon is coming up faster than I think it is, plus there's stuff I'm working on at work, my Asian boys club, gaming with the roomies, the holidays coming up... too much to think about.

Still, life's good. Can't complain. Have I mentioned lately how much I love San Diego? Oh, wait, I'm new at this - I guess not.