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Pride weekend wrap-up

Friday night after work I dashed home to pick up the LYC stuff for Mark, plus grab the festival passes for Zoe and Stuart since they were both working a lot in the SDQSF booth. Zoe thought we were meeting at 6, I thought we were meeting at 6:30, but I got them to her and Stuart at David's, then went to Mark's to drop off the stuff. On the way home I spaced and forgot to stop by agt's to pick up the banner, so after I got home and talked to Quincy and ate something I had to buzz out again. Spent the rest of the night sorting through the various boxes from the Gaylaxicon room parties to decide what would go to SDQSF.

Bill and I were smart and agreed not to get there at 8 in the morning on Saturday when the festival opened to exhibitors, so we both trundled in a little after 9. I had enough stuff that I drove my car in to unload, then I stopped by the LYC booth to make sure things were going ok. It was great! Mark and Edwin worked very hard on the booth. We were on an end space so our right wall opened out under a tree, which made for a nice place to relax and hang out. They also constructed a row of flagpoles to hang over the front of the booth for all of our Asian/Pacfic Islands flags (China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, etc. - I'll post pictures once they get developed). Mark also printed out a bunch of pictures from past events, including an entire board of just the pictures from my online LYC photo album (including lots of pictures of Quincy!). They really did an outstanding job, and it is SO NICE not to have to be in charge. :)

After I parked my car I came back and Bill and I set up the SDQSF booth. We had our "Geek Pride!" banner in the front (which a lot of people misread as "Greek Pride"), a poster of two Starfleet boys kissing from Hidden Frontier in the back, and lots and lots and lots of free stuff from Oriental Trading Co. we had left over from gaming at G'con (thanks, jkusters!).

We were able to use the booth to advertise for a few different groups:

The only downside to cross-networking with other groups is we only had one small flyer for SDQSF plus the e-mail sign-up list, so a lot of people were wondering just who the heck we were. Gotta work on bigger, better signs for next year so we don't dilute our brand identity (we also need a real website, not just a Yahoo Group).

Oh, and pansyfilmmaker, you owe me BIG TIME - that poster got more reaction than anything else (which is of course what we wanted!), and the best we could do was write down "" about a million times for people. I hope it gets you more interest in the show! Stealing that thing after you guys left G'con was a smart move on my part. :D

We were all amused that quite a few people came up and asked, "Were you guys at con?", to which we replied, "Which one?" They all meant Comic-Con, and we were rolling our eyes - as if Comic-Con were the only con. Ugh. There's more to fandom than Lara Croft, people!

I was also delighted that my friend Caleb from Pennsic came into town again this year. He's been to quite a few Prides in his day, and he says San Diego's is the nicest, so he came out for it again. We of course spent much time dishing about Pennsic (I leave in a week - aaah!) Saturday after we closed down the booth him, Bill and I went to Brians' for food, then I came home and crashed.

Sunday was pretty much a carbon copy of Saturday - got up, met Bill at the festival around 10:00, set up, checked on LYC, spent time in both booths all day long (moreso in SDQSF than LYC), and afterwards packed up and hit Amarin Thai for dinner with Bill, Daniel, Tri and Caleb.

I was very fortunate that we had lots of volunteers to help with both booths, so I was able to walk the festival, get out to eat, etc. Bill basically staffed the SDQSF booth the entire day both days; thomasm, Mark, Edwin and Toan were there for almost the entire day both days; and Zoe, Stuart, elemirion, Alex, Joe, Tom, Rick, Tony, Jonathan, adventdragon, xiaomozi666, and Bob all worked at least one, if not two shifts. THANK YOU ALL! We still needed more, but I couldn't have done it without these guys.

The end result? Got a little bit of sunburn, lost my voice, bought new t-shirts, got gifts for Quincy, got some Asian boy porn for me, had about 75 people signed up for the LYC e-mail list and about 230 (!) signed up for the SDQSF list, gave away ALL of the leftover swag and water bottles, sold 2 G'con t-shirts, got to hang out with my friends (both those scheduled and those who I ran into there), and had a GREAT TIME! :)

So it's back to work today, and not much else going on this week except getting ready for Pennsic, and Rebecca & Adam's wedding on Sunday (then I leave Monday). Should be fun.

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