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Ready for the weekend - NOT!

Last night I went to Aaron Bros. and spent way too much on the last few frames I had to get for my artwork. I blame caprine for telling me about their buy one get another for a penny sale. BAH! Still, now I'm done, although I have some matting to do (haven't done that since my b/w photography days in college). Should be a neat project, though will likely need to wait until after Pennsic.

Pride is this weekend. I will be helping with two booths, both LYC and SDQSF. Fortunately I have lots of capable help with both of them, so although I'll be running between them I won't be needed in two places at the same time.

Next weekend is Adam & Rebecca's wedding, then I'm off to Pennsic for two weeks, where I may or may not see Quincy. Bah. Better may be than not or I'm not sure what we're going to do. This long distance thing really sucks. :(

Anyway, busy weekend, likely won't post until work Monday.

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