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A boring & relaxing weekend

Saturday I slept in way late, just getting up in time to hit LYC coffee and dinner at Seoul House. Afterwards I just headed home, watched some TV, and Daniel, Tri and I played Burn Rate, then Daniel and I played Transamerica. I was still a little down but was feeling better.

Sunday I slept in again, skipped Jim & Sandra's party (sorry guys, just wasn't in the mood), and spent most of the day cleaning up more of my room. I did get a chance to read TTT Daniel got me, and I was glad that it had the strip in it that originally got me hooked when Venom gets his tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole (although it was done with Minimates, not with Megos like I remembered it). Amused me to no end.

One regret about the weekend - I had hoped to pester Scott Kurtz yet again for the artwork he's owed me for about 2 years now. He reacts much better in person than to e-mail, but last year when I saw him at Comic-Con he gave me his personal card with home phone number, so while I'm cleaning up my room if I find it I'm giving him a call.

Today is back to work, although it's a nice quiet day. Adam called me and I called the Hanalei on his behalf to get them to put in a proposal for Conjecture for '05 & '06 (as long as it's not with the sales manager I had - ugh!). After work I'm going to stop and get an oil change (and yes, my car is working just fine, thankfully).

I'm also looking over (again) the list of things I need to do over the next few weeks and months:

  • Pride is this weekend - need to get more volunteers for both booths
  • Pennsic is the weekend after - need to get my tent out there, plus need to figure out if Q is coming and make hotel reservations, PLUS I need to talk to Jamie about the wedding (fortunately I have lots of help with the Ball this year so that's much less stressful than usual)
  • Conjecture's in October - need to meet with Sandra and get on events
  • Looking even farther ahead to Loscon in November - I think Quincy's coming back here for that one
  • Quincy mentioned he'd like to spend New Year's in the Philippines - he wants to take a month, but I'm willing to go for a week, although the flight could run as much as $1K, which might put the kabosh on the whole idea
  • There's still a few loose ends to do for Gaylaxicon - I need to get Chris to close the books (SDQSF needs money!), plus the wrap-up with Wayne
  • I need to get started on Network stuff - updating the website, starting to network with other groups, pick up where Peter left off, etc.
No end to the thrills in my life, eh? :)

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