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This past weekend and this week coming up

Friday at lunchtime I went to Michael's on a whim and ended up snagging 11 frames on sale for about $5 each. I also got a quote for a few custom frames I need, and even at their 50% off sale price it was pretty expensive. Argh. After work I went home, changed, and then adventdragon and xiaomozi666 and I met nolly in La Jolla to finally get around to seeing Shrek 2. Quite amusing. :)

Saturday I slept in, went to LYC coffee and dinner, came home and booted up my long-unfinished game of Serious Same. Forgot how much I loved that game. :)

Sunday I slept in again, but fortunately didn't sleep through jkusters having a yummy BBQ with David and tdilliga, then a round of San Juan, Hex Hex and Burn Rate before chatting a bit with David and then heading to bed.

Today it's work work work. Rebecca is out which makes things quieter, and I had to fill in at lunch for the receptionist, but it's all good. I finally took the time to figure out some of my finances (hence the post prior to this one), but I also managed to take the time to search for my ticket to Pittsburgh for Pennsic, which I got for a rather reasonable $252 through Priceline ($297 after taxes - sheesh!). Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to get Quincy there...

This week is quiet, punctuated by LYC gaming on Wednesday night, and Comic-Con this weekend where I would like to buy this:

That's the two latest PvP books, a Skull stuffie, and City of Heroes, all for just $50. Since I wanted CoH anyway, and the Skull stuffie is just too cute, they must be mine, so I'm taking a half day Thursday to stop down and pick them up. I may also spend the day either Saturday or Sunday there, and then likely spend the other day at galtinel's for their housewarming.

Then Pride is next weekend.

Then off to Pennsic.



Jul. 20th, 2004 12:53 am (UTC)
We saw it last night. It was first rate! :) Yay! J. Jonah Jamison is soooooooooooo perfectly cast!!! And the set-up for Spiderman 3 was really perfect.

Go see it! Soon!!! :)

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