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My fun weekend

Friday when I got into work I checked my e-mail and found those $109 fares, then promptly lost them because we had our weekly team meeting. Grr. We took Michelle and Ebonye out to lunch to celebrate their now-past birthdays. We were going to do sushi but the place was packed so we went to Le Peep instead (which everyone seems to think is a breakfast-only place).

Right after work I stopped at Discount Tire and got two new tires, one being barely held on with only 3 lug nuts. Popped home quick, changed, then headed out to Home Depot to get darrelxDarrel his birthday gift. (I told him that in his honor I was imitating a straight guy - it was an unimaginative, impersonal gift with no card and involved him purchasing power tools. Grunt, I say.) From there it was off to Dave & Busters for his birthday where, much to everyone's surprise, I was not only the first one there, but I was 20 minutes early! (I know - I'm scared, too!) Unfortunately D&B's doesn't take reservations, so we still had a 45 minute wait, and since I could feel myself start to fade I decided I needed food, so darrelxDarrel and I hit the bar where he got a drink and I got some cheese sticks (I have no idea why I didn't buy that drink for you, D - blame it on my crashing blood sugar). After a fun-filled dinner we all wandered off to be little kids again, and I spent about $35 on games (not counting $10 from the free coupons glittercat13Kris was kind enough to bring), mostly the ones where you drop your tokens in and little hoes (not the slutty kind) push the coins forward, although Sandra and I both hit the jackpot on the one where the bulldozers push the tokens forward. I ended up with about 2700 points, which I spent on something for pinoyboytoyQuincy and a tiny battery-operated aquarium for my office (plus a few hundred left over for next time - darkscydeDaniel take note, as I want to go back next time you and xiaomozi666Tri go). I also spent much time with nollyCathy helping her figure out what to get with her tickets, too. All in all t'was great fun, so happy birthday darrelxDarrel and many thanks to glittercat13Kris for getting it all together!

Saturday I got up and made myself yummy waffles for breakfast, then met up with Joe at Exotic Bamboo Nursery Imports & Tea to check it out as a possible new meeting place for our LYC Saturday afternoon coffees. (Obviously they have about a zillion teas, but only two coffees - regular and decaf. Not sure how that'll fly with our group, but the place really is great, so we may try it for a couple of months to see if people like it.) It was only a block away from the Living Room, so we made it on time for coffee, and we had 5 new people there, which was peachy-keen, and almost all of them joined us for dinner afterwards at Amarin Thai. After that Pat and I and one of the new guys got coffee at David's. I was supposed to go to a Mardi Gras-themed martini party with Michelle, but I'd left the directions and her cell phone number at work, so that didn't happen (stood up by a gay guy - she must be so bitter). It was all good, though, because on the way back to the car I called pinoyboytoyQuincy and we ended up having a Very Serious Discussion about Very Serious Things. By the time I got home I was a little contemplative so I just went right upstairs, read a little, and went to bed early (well, for me on a weekend at least).

Sunday I got up and made a yummy scrambled egg, cheese and bacon breakfast, then headed over to the monthly Conjecture staff meeting. Alas, caprineAllison has been suffering from massive work overload, which made her forget my existence as Events Chair three different times. :( Still, it was a good (if long) meeting (we have a bad habit of going off on random and thoroughly unrelated tangents often - I'm looking at you, glittercat13Kris and nollyCathy!). Afterwards nollyCathy and I were thinking of hitting Shrek 2, but I needed to take care of some stuff at home so we're rescheduling for later this week. Instead I went to Homo Despot and got some supplies, transparent duct tape, and a spiffo tool box for a mere $8. I stopped at Best Buy to see if they had "City of Heroes," which they did, but for $50 - feh. I can get it cheaper online. Then I stopped and got a burger at In-N-Out and remembered how good their burgers were. After I got home I had another Very Serious Chat about Very Serious Things with pinoyboytoyQuincy, darkscydeDaniel kicked my ass again at "Halo," I cleaned up my room some more, listened to Art Bell for a while (he's a hoot), and then went to bed. :)

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