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A not-so-great Thursday...

  1. Household unrest
  2. Workplace politics
  3. Ebonye returns
  4. Flat tire
  5. Bought drawers
  6. Car problems
  7. Long meeting

  1. Unrest. 'Nuff said.

  2. Rebecca's stressed. Her attitude is pissing off Michelle (along with other directors who are cutting her out of stuff she ought to be involved in and expecting her to do everything and going contrary to the AVC's wishes and giving her stuff at the last minute). We all long for Annamarie who knew how to balm such unease. (Otherwise it was a semi-productive day, highlighted by getting that keen chair mat.)

  3. Much to everyone's surprise, Ebonye actually came back today (to little fanfare).

  4. Came out after work to a flat tire. Great. But no worries - I called AAA. Unfortunately the tire place I go to closed before I'd be able to get there, so I'll stop over tomorrow.

  5. While I was waiting for AAA I called the guy (charles725) I was supposed to meet at UTC to buy some Ikea drawers from (another student moving sale) and had him meet me at the office. I like them. They fit nicely on my new shelves, plus they match the two-drawer set I got from agtAdam a while back (I've also been making use of the box o' tools he gave me back then as well). And only $5.

  6. AAA put on my spare, but snapped a bolt and told me the tires likely need an alignment (which is why they got so torn up). Along with getting my engine fan fixed and needing an oil change, looks like another potentially expensive trip to my mechanic (plus getting two new tires, of course).

  7. Despite having only a donut I needed to get to the LYC EC meeting because I knew we had some new people poking their heads in to possibly join the Board. Productive meeting, even if Joe can do nothing but find something to complain about every month, but at least we're planned through September (including a bay cruise that's only $7.50 per person and we can bring our own food - neat idea for a pot luck, eh?). Chris also offered to take over updating the website from udmanYudi, which is a huge relief since he's been unable to do so for quite some time. They teased me that my meetings take so long, but since we get a lot done it doesn't bother me.
That was it. Talked to Q. His back is still bothering him, but otherwise he's doing ok and having fun working on his room. Managed to get more done on my own room when I got home - things are looking better and better every day.

And now I see I'm up too late (again) so it's off to bed.

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