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The holiday weekend

Thursday night I stayed up late trying to figure out how I was getting to and from the airport, but adventdragon offered to do it even though I got in at 1 am, and since every other alternative was somewhat complicated and/or expensive, I took him up on it. Friday morning we were both up early, and he drove me to the airport right on time.

Of course, when I got in line to get my boarding pass, that's when I realized I'd left my shoulder bag in the back seat of his car. Drat. OK, so I figured I'd call him and tell him to turn around... except my cell phone was in my bag. OK, so I'd use a pay phone... except my money was in my bag. FUCK! So I called the house - collect - and asked thomasm to call Daniel's cell phone... which he didn't have turned on. Fortunately, Myke thought to call MY cell phone, which WAS turned on, which Daniel heard and subsequently came back, parked, found me, and gave me my bag. Go Daniel! :D

So then I'm standing in line at security and glance at the ticket in the bag of the person standing in front of me. Juice Newton. I kid you not. I had "Angel of the Morning" running through my head the entire flight.

So I arrive for my layover in Phoenix and glance at my boarding pass and it says 11:25. That meant they started boarding at 10:55, and we landed at 10:40. I power-walked through the terminal to the gate I needed to get to and got there right on time... only to discover that 11:25 was the boarding time, not the flight time, so I was a half hour early and rushed for no reason. I actually laughed at myself in the airport. People undoubtedly thought I was weird. They were right.

The flight to BWI was a bit choppy, but nothing I haven't been through before. pinoyboytoy met me right at the exit from the gates, and it was SO good to see him. :) We drove up to the Christiana Hilton, where I finally cashed in some HHonors points from my many stays while promoting Gaylaxicon and got a free night. After switching rooms due to a faulty A/C unit, we had a fabulous late-night dinner at Wendy's, and then exchanged our anniversary presents - I got him the X-Men Minimates set and he got me the first volume of SCTV on DVD (which I never would have thought he'd know I'd like!). Then it was off to... well, eventually sleep. ;)

Saturday morning we enjoyed a comp breakfast for having to change rooms, then headed up to Mom's where Q got to meet my uncle and aunt and my niece. We stayed there for a few hours and then headed to Pamela's (after being hounded for being late) where Q got to meet Pam & Bryan, nazcr, Tommy & Jason, Chip, and suba_al_hadid (and her kids), plus Bob when he came to pick the kids up. We also got to meet Pam & Bryan's newborn, Aiden - such a cutie! I think they're going to make a great family.

Of course the Medians took the time to avail Q of some of my less savory moments from the past, but all in all they behaved themselves (and adored him, of course). Q and I stayed overnight.

In the morning Q and I had a Serious Discussion About Things (all is well, no worries), and then Pam & Bryan made us a fabulous breakfast, and then we headed over to Mom's for the 4th. My Good Sister and her husband came over with two of my nephews (the third is at SENIOR WEEK - God I'm old) and much cavorting and fun was had by all. (My Evil Sister claims she was never told about the BBQ, but she had tickets to a concert anyway and took the kids, even though one is "grounded," which none of us can figure out.) My one nephew is doing a WWII project at school so my sister found a crate my father had gotten together of old photo albums, so we got to look through pictures of him while he was in the service, in his uniform, pictures of his parents, etc. Found a few VERY interesting items, such as a whole lot of Nazi stuff (Dad served in German during the liberation), pictures from concentration camps, photos and documents dating back to the mid 1800's, and love notes to the girls Dad knew before Mom. :-O I also took home a large sheaf of sheet music from the turn of the century I'm going to see if it has a market on eBay. And all those embarassing pictures my sister brought out of me growing up are best left undiscussed!

Mom made way too much food, but fortunately Joe & Will were able to come by to help us eat it all. After my sister left we all sat around chatting, and then we went over to Joe & Will's place to finally make use of their guest room (after chatting even later with them). And I suppose I'll forgive Quincy for saying I looked cuter when I was younger and thinner, but you know, I'll lord it over him for a while first. ;)

Monday was quite a day. We got up (Quincy got up late, I swear!) and had breakfast at a neat little restaurant I'd never heard of just off 352 in Middletown. Afterwards we parted company with Joe & Will and headed into Center City Philadelphia so Quincy could see my old stomping grounds! :) We hit the gayborhood first - stopped in Giovanni's Room, saw that Two Sisters (formerly More Than Just Ice Cream) is gone and replaced by Mixto, a new Latin restaurant, saw that Ed's store, Happily Ever After, is gone (although it may have moved to 10th & Pine - I'll have to ask him about that), saw Spruce Street Video, the Venture Inn, Inn Philadelphia, Tavern on Camac (what did they used to be called?), Uncle's, stopped in Woody's (no more two-stepping on Tuesday nights), stopped in Adam & Eve's for a pr0n fix, saw that Xando turned into Cosi (saw one of these in DC, too, and saw the logo was the same but the name was different), Millennium coffee, saw that Afterwords closed, saw that Cheap Art Cafe (formerly Duck Soup) also closed, and swung by 12th Air Command. Whew! Lots of changes, but still the same old Philadelphia feel I've always loved.

Then we headed down to South Street and stopped in quite a few places there - Tower Records (I bought Q the first season of Wonder Woman on DVD just 'cause I loves him so), Showcase Comics (Mike Yates wasn't working - drat!), Garland of Letters (I'll never forget the smell of that place - heaven!), Zipperhead, Mineralistic, a new anime/collectibles store (Quakerhead?) and bought Q a big Tenderheart Care Bear that he's been looking for for ages and a Storm action figure which I'm saving for Christmas, Hats in the Belfry, walked over the South Street bridge and looked out over Penn's landing and saw the Spirit of Philadelphia where I worked as a waiter in 1986, and finally had a nice lunch at South Street Diner, where I made him order a cheesesteak and I got a chicken cheesesteak - yummy!

On the way back to BWI we stopped by Mom's to say goodbye, and ended up getting there about an hour early (we expected mucho holiday weekend traffic but there was little, slowed only by a passing downpour). After realizing I'd left my cell phone at the ticket counter (seems a bad habit I've picked up!), we chatted about More Important Things, how much I love him, and our choices for him coming to see me at Pennsic, then I hopped aboard my flight to Vegas, then San Diego. I got in around 1:10 am, Daniel picked me up, and I didn't get to sleep until almost 3:00. Ugh. What a long (but worthwhile) day!

Thankfully I'd already arranged with my boss that I'd be in late on Tuesday, so I got up around 11:00 am and got into work around noon. I spent the day organizing the large cache of office supplies that had arrived, then headed home. Myke made Mexican for dinner, and we played Wrath and Halo on Xbox, then a round of Burn Rate.

Late in the evening I finally got around to logging on and as soon as I did I got an IM from Tubadiva and she pointed me to Ed's post. Fortunately it looks like the situation can be rectified, but not without a little egg on my face. Heh. Serves me right for bringing up things without doing my research first. That was followed by a little drama with the Blue Feather encampment, but that, too, is easily subdued. Finally got to bed way too late.

Today has been a relaxed day. Rumor has it Ebonye is supposed to be back in tomorrow, but since she was supposed to be back last Tuesday, and then yesterday, I'm no holding my breath. Tonight I really need to get some laundry done, if only to get a few clean pants in my closet.

Tomorrow night is the LYC Executive Committee meeting, Saturday my co-worker invited me to a martini party (not sure if I want to go), and Sunday should be a Conjecture staff meeting. The highlight of next week will be a haircut.

Coming up pretty fast though are both Pride and Pennsic, and I need to get hopping with LYC and with SDQSF. I'm glad I have help this year! :)

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