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OK, so not all of my co-workers are idiots...

I learned today two phrases spoken with much love and affection in another unit:

"Shut yo' mouth, you ugly!"

"Stop fucking your sister!"
I dream of someday working for these people.

I also learned that saying, "Bless {his/her/your} heart!" can be taken a variety of ways:

  1. As a sincere statement of affection - "You did that for me? Well bless your heart!"

  2. As a way to dismiss all previous trash talk - "She is the ugliest, fattest, most mean-spirited bitch I ever met, bless her heart."

  3. As a way to dismiss all trash talk directed at you (akin to "fuck you" or giving someone the finger) - "You are the biggest cunt I've ever met." "Well bless your heart!"
Unfortunately, I learned about the last when I said it to someone intending the first meaning, but they interpreted every instance as the third. I guess they grew up in a different part of the south, because no one else I know from the south has ever heard of either that context or being used in only that way before.

Fun with language!

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