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Rainy days and Mondays...

Didn't get as much done at work as I'd hoped. Year end's coming up this week, too - much to do tomorrow then. After work I called Cingular to get more text message - I went over by 155 messages last month. Since Q and I talk during his free nights & weekends minutes and I can talk to him on the land line, I've got a hella lot of rollover minutes left over from last month, but not enough text messages. Then I measured some of my artwork and headed to Target to get some frames with the gift card I got from work (sadly they were out of City of Heroes, which I was going to get - probably for the best anyway, although I'll likely get it after I get paid this week). I ended up with four nice frames, with a little left on the card to boot - sweet! While in the store Q called for our nightly chat, and it was almost like he was shopping with me. He told me his mother actually acknowledged me for the first time - by referring to me as "the fag." Blah. My mother is light years ahead of the game by comparison. When I got home I was watching some eBay auctions finish up, and I got one sniped away from me at the last moment, but another one I got free and clear, and now I'm debating on bidding on a third one.

4 days to go - yay!

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