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I'm so fucking proud of myself I could spit

I finally got those goddamned shelves up. BOOYAH!

I cleaned out in front of the shelves under my window, threw away two shopping bags full of paper, organized my SCA garb back into its tubs under my bed, collapsed about 40 boxes that have been taking up space, and have a half filled garbage bag full of trash ready to go. Once that was done and I made room to work I pulled out my nightstand table, vacuumed, put the shelves together, and Daniel helped me put them into place. RAWK! They look faboo, and I already set up my clock radio, lamp, and some scattered books, plus the wicker baskets I got for storage. Did all this since about 2 this afternoon, with just a break to hit Souplantation for dinner with Daniel.

Q had a faboo time in NY with Bobbie. He sounded so relaxed and happy. I'm glad. :D

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