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Damn cell phone!

Damn. My phone died for no reason. Won't even turn on. Was working fine yesterday. Took it to Cingular and they said it might be the battery, or it might be the phone. Bah. They don't sell the phone or the battery anymore, so if this one can't be fixed I'll probably have to get a new one. Bah. I liked this phone.

Oh, and my bill is overdue. Oops. :)

Had fun at caprineAllison's birthday party today. Such a witty bunch.

Edited to add: My cell phone is a Nokia 6590i.

I also had to have chicken, pasta and scrambled eggs for dinner tonight, because eggs are fragile and when you drop the carton while putting them into the fridge you are left with little choice. Eggs twice today. I used to never eat them at all. Interesting.

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