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More answers to questions you don't care about!

Questions from my previous post:

joeyhemlock asked:

Does size matter?

No. It's also not true what they say about all black men or all Asian men, either.

What's a good inexpensive sangiovese?

I don't know from wine. Ask thomasm, that's his new thing.

What's a tangelo?

Evidently a hybrid fruit derived from grapefruit and tangerine, according to Sounds... interesting? I like orange and tangerine, or orange and mango myself (especially juices).

Why don't you grow a handlebar moustache?

What are you, drunk? Ew.

sistercoyote asked:

So, uh...who would you consider "slashing" up? ;)

Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery) and Harry Kim (Garrett Wang).
Agent Sandoval (Von Flores) and Eric Craven (Mark Dacascos).
Johnny Loh (Dustin Nguyen) and Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul).

I'm sure there are others. ;)

When do you see Q next?

July 4 weekend. I'm taking him to Philly to meet my family and friends. 8O

Did you enjoy your dual earthquakes?

Only one, actually. This one was bigger than the one I felt in April 2002 (my first), and was more shaky. I actually did get up and stand in my doorway. I did feel a little surge of "uh-oh" but in the end it was fine.

You can still ask me anything, folks!

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