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Memes - Helping You Avoid Work Since You Started Your LJ

Put this in your LJ and answer them:

Do you prefer showers, or baths? When is the last time you had a bubble bath?

I enjoy a good, long, hot shower, but a bath is a wonderful thing from time to time. I just took one about two weeks ago when I finished staining my shelves. I was a bit achy, and it was just what I needed - scented candles, nice bubble bath soap, and only missing a cup of hot tea. Wish I had a bigger tub, though.

Do you collect anything?

Sleepy from Snow White mostly. In general I keep my eyes open for Linus stuff (from Peanuts), books (sci-fi, GLBT-related), Broadway cast recordings, tea, science fiction (movies, books, TV series on DVD like Babylon 5 and Farscape, etc.), and geeky games. I'm probably missing stuff - I should start a list in LJ. I used to collect more stuff, like the 3-eyed aliens from Toy Story, Squirtle from Pokemon, Heimlich from A Bug's Life, The Riddler and pewter fairies, but not so much anymore.

When is the last time you hung out with a group of your friends?

Last night at gaming.


So go on - ask me anything, damn you!

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