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Nice surprise today

Yudi called me this morning and had an interview near me, so we went to lunch. He looked fi-i-ine in that suit, let me tell you. :D Work was ok, nothing too stressful, actually got a lot done. Came home, did some laundry, continued trying to clean up my living room, John made burgers (but, sadly, I couldn't wrap my lips around his huge meat, so I had to cut it in half), Daniel came over (I gave him "Alien Vs. Predator 2" just 'cuz), Allison came over, played a little Cosmic Encounter, and did more laundry. Missing people at game nights these days - Ben, David, Furp, and now Tom's gone. Still, we had fun. Tomorrow night I have dinner plans with the guy starting the new Asian group in Palm Springs, and hopefully he can update me on the situation so I can keep the LYC chapter there informed. Friday night is "Angels in America," Saturday is coffee, dinner and a drag show, and Sunday hopefully I can do some catch up, get more cleaning done, and do some work for G'con.

And now to go sleep on my new sheets - whee!

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