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“(see transcription below)”

Transcribed by: esprix


"Well I am right now driving through the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland with my honey Quincy, and we're listening to Beyoncé playing Summertime, 'cause that's our song, or one of our songs, I think, and we're heading to Office Depot to buy him a drafting table so he can be a really good artist, and I'm having a GREAT TIME 'cause I got to go to Baltimore yesterday, we went to the Inner Harbor on Friday when I got in, and we had a nice dinner and walked around, and then we finally found a hotel in White Marsh, and then, uh, yesterday we went into Baltimore, well first we went shopping at Ikea, THEN we went into Baltimore and we walked around the little gay community, such as it is, in Baltimore, and ended up having a nice dinner and going out to The Hippo, which is I guess one of their big clubs on Saturday night, but by the number of people there it didn't seem like it, and today we're going shopping and then we are going into DC to go to Dupont Circle, so I'll update more when I get home, um... bye!"

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