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Last few days

Monday was a boring day at work, punctuated by phone calls to Pam and Jason at lunch to find out about what's going on with Natalie (who is having a very, very rough go of things right now) and some surprising household upheaval that I'm certain will settle down (aimicably) within the next couple of days. After work I watched a couple episodes of Airline and Family Plots.

Tuesday was another quiet day at work, and at lunchtime I made a run to Homo Despot for some more supplies to make sure I can finish my staining project soon. Lee called on the way home to get the skinny on what's going on with Naz, and it was nice to talk to him. We played Burn Rate, then Bill came over and we played two rounds of Cosmic Encounter. Our timing was off so I didn't get to talk to Quincy. :(

Today I can really feel Annamarie's stress over leaving very soon (literally just a few more days - I think next Friday is her last day). I may stop on the way home to get those damn tires, or I may not - depends on if I feel like waiting for an hour or not.

Speaking of work, I realized today our fiscal year end is coming up and Annamarie won't be here for it. I wonder if we're going to be able to do my annual review or not (I'm thinking not, and we've let it go several months into the new fiscal year before, so I won't worry about it).

Also noticed an announcement on the UCSD staff website about a "bonus leave program," and upon further research it's a compensatory two days of extra vacation because we aren't getting raises this year! Luckily (or maybe not) I'm represented by the union so I'm pretty sure it won't affect me, but then again I'm also probably only getting 1% if I'm lucky. Bah. I need to read Dynes' last e-mail about his agreement with the Governator about the budget.

So tomorrow night is SDQSF gaming, and then I'm off to Maryland. Lee reminded me that this weekend they're dedicating the National WWII Memorial in DC, so I think I'm going to convince him to change his mind back to us staying in Baltimore.

Oh, and nothing new on Natalie. Lee and I were discussing being cautious about calling her because first her family is taking care of her, and second we don't want her to feel any worse by having to face her friends. I may just send her a card or an e-mail. I'm definitely going to stay in touch with Pam to keep up on things. Gads.

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