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Fun day - had a neat Thanksgiving pot luck with the two gay Asian groups in San Diego, which had a great turnout and lots of food. Brought the new chew toy with me, and he got *rave* reviews - everyone was hitting on him. Lucky me. :) Still, need to talk to him tomorrow about some upcoming plans I have that don't involve him to make sure we're on the same page. (He's leaving for a few days before Thanksgiving, I'm leaving for a few days after, so our paths might not cross in person for a few days.)

Plus side - he actually lives in San Diego, is a great guy, heart of gold, seems loyal, is totally hot, seems to like me, and I think, given time, I could fall for him.

Negative side - I met him second, he's "new to the scene," has a lot to learn (and I'd have to be his teacher), not sure about his emotional maturity, and there's a bit of sexual incompatibility (which could change over time, if I give him enough time, patience and a little bit of instruction). I also get the impression that I'm gonna get the "let's be friends" speech once he meets another new shiny penny, being as he's so new.

Decisions, decisions. But I don't want to break his heart, as he's more attached to me now than I am to him - that seems obvious.

Blah. When it rains, it pours. (I know, I said that already.)

Eventually I'll fill in all the details, but gotta be careful what I put out there on the internet for all to see. We know how that ended LAST time, don't we, my fellow Dopers? ;)

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