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Poor Bart!

Well, poor nazcr, too. :) Naz was going to look in on Bart while my parents are in Florida for the whole of February, but her doctor said that her back is being aggravated, so she's to stay home for a week. She and I are searching around for someone who'll go and make sure my poor precious fat baby has enough water and isn't dead yet, but my sisters are both an hour away, so I'm hoping we can find one of my friends from home to do it. By Friday she'll know if she needs to take another week off or not. Get better, Natalie! Bart needs you! :)

In other news, Mom called me from the Magic Kingdom yesterday (Animal Kingdom today) and said that Dad's not getting a job there after all. Seems he'd have to quit his job at the Disney Store, apply to get hired at WDW, and then have to apply again back at the Disney Store when he got back home. Of course, my thinking is, if he can take a month off, what's the difference if they fire him and then rehire him when he returns? Probably a lot of HR hooey, but it still doesn't make sense. I didn't realize that the store division was so far separated from the parks division - I figured they intermingled all the time, since they're trained in the basic Disney manner for both. Too bad, but at least they'll have a nice month-long vacation (Mom even got an Annual Passport to use for the month).

But now that Dad's not working, that means if I go I won't have to rent a car, plus I'll be able to stay at their place for free. I can't afford to take a lot of vacation time (gotta save up for Pennsic), but if I can find a cheap fare, I may go for a weekend before they head back home. :)

I also cashed in on my free theatre tickets, so I get to see "Angels in America," "Two Gentlemen of Verona" and "Stage Door" before the year is out. Keen!

Did laundry last night, will probably do it again tonight. I live the high life, don't I?

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