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A very productive weekend

Friday was a decent day. Annamarie ended up being out the whole day because she's exhausted from being pregnant and working full time (duh). We had our weekly meeting via phone at the end of the day. At lunchtime I headed over to Marshall's to exchange my little table, then I went to Ross to look for pants but couldn't find anything I liked. On the way home Jason called and told me he was going to try to get Natalie's job back, and later Michael Nguyen called to see what I was up to but I wanted to stay home and get some work done - and boy did I get some work done! I finished my laundry, set up shelves in my closet, and even went through a box of ironing and my closet and have three trash bags full of old clothes to get rid of - w00t! Hooray for spring cleaning! All this while the boys were out at a show and Daniel was out with Tri at his father's retirement party.

Saturday I got up later than I wanted, but it's all good. Yudi called and asked if I wanted to go to Sycuan to play bingo, but I knew I wanted to stay home and keep cleaning. I spent the entire afternoon continuing to stain the shelves I bought for my bedroom, and I learned a very important lesson - If you are not a "do it yourself"er, don't do it yourself! (You'd think that would be obvious, but I'm a slow learner.) I tried to stop in time to head to coffee but couldn't finish in time, so I called Mark to see if they'd decided where they'd be going for dinner. By the time I showed up at around 6:10 they still hadn't decided. Mark wasn't taking charge, so I had to, and we finally decided to go to Chef Lau's which was pretty good (must try their beef noodle soup next time). On the way home I stopped off to get Krispy Kremes and stopped in TJ Maxx to look for pants there (I got socks instead). Had a goofy chat with Quincy, who was in a good mood. I went through even more clothes, and washed some clothes I found in my ironing box that I wanted to keep. Very productive.

Edited 5/26 9:45 AM to add: Forgot to mention that Mom called from Knoebels Park, an amusement park in central Pennsylvania near Bloomsburg, where she and Lynda and the kids went for the weekend. Sounded like she was having fun, although she started crying when she said she was sitting waiting for all of them on a roller coaster and was thinking how Dad used to keep her company. The little things like that are so hard on us. Bleh. Still, it sounded like they were having fun, and it's good that she got out and spent time with the kids. (Did I also mention David is GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL and GOING TO COLLEGE [Shippensburg?]?!?! Gads I'm old...)

Sunday I again got up a little later, but with no plans it was no biggie. I finished staining the supports for the shelves, so now I just have to do a few of the actual shelves, then put the finishing on them and they're done. By the time I was done my thighs were aching from crouching while doing the staining, so I soaked in the tub for a while, got dressed, and Daniel, Myke, John and I went to Black Angus for dinner - hooray for beef!

So nothing on the agenda for tonight, so I may do a little more staining, or I may stop and get new tires after work (since I got in on time today I can actually leave on time for a change). Daniel said he and Tri may be heading off to Viejas some night this week, and I may go with them (I haven't been to any of the casinos yet). Otherwise, tomorrow is gaming, and then SDQSF is gaming on Thursday night, and then I'm off to Maryland on Friday morning - yay! Can't wait to see my Quincy!

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