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SDMB Dopefests

I've been to several. I've always had a good time. No one got out of hand. No one misbehaved in public. No one sniped or gossipped afterwards. Yes, I know things happened, but it wasn't anything grossly out of the ordinary. Most importantly, everyone had a good time.

Then again, maybe I'm just oblivious. Either way, I'm still going to go to them, I'm still going to have a good time, and that's that.


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(Deleted comment)
May. 24th, 2004 09:34 am (UTC)
I've been thinking about bugging the LA Dopers to try to put one together.

I'm also amazed that some people require alcohol to have a "good time" (which usually just ends up with them embarassed at their own behavior). Yeah, sure, drink a little, that's fine, but if you go go every Dopefest and get drunk and make an ass of yourself, don't be surprised if people gossip about you.

Christ, I think the worst thing people could say about me at a Dopefest is that I'm too loud (and I'm that loud naturally, even, since I don't drink at all).
(Deleted comment)
May. 24th, 2004 09:57 am (UTC)
We all know you're a wild woman, deep down. ;) Still, even if you hooked up with someone (which is perfectly valid and fine and all that), it sounds like you'd be grist for the mill, unless you kept it between you and the other consenting adult. Is it that folks are parading their private lives around, or what? Oy. Amazing.
May. 24th, 2004 10:20 am (UTC)
What'd I miss?

(Frankly, this is why I liked meeting at Farrell's - sugar high problems, yes, but no booze...)

Ssigh. I wouldn't be able to attend an L.A. Dopefest. I miss being where I know people.
May. 24th, 2004 11:09 am (UTC)
Re: Um...
Sounds like ChiDope had its fair share of drunken antics. Big whoop. Folks in sdmb_anonymous are gossipping like mad.
May. 24th, 2004 11:12 am (UTC)
When anonymity goes bad
Ah. Anonymous posters are always incredibly full of vitriol that they'd never share if someone knew who they were, too. Oy.
May. 24th, 2004 03:07 pm (UTC)
Re: Um...
It seems like every week I see new evidence that anonymous LJ communities are nothing but drama compost. You throw crap in and it comes out drama.
May. 24th, 2004 01:20 pm (UTC)
is this like a hemp fest ?
i am so unknowing

Personally i don't use anything at all but then you know i don't need it
but i do support hemp because of all the wonderful things it can be made into and all the things it can fix
May. 24th, 2004 01:23 pm (UTC)
Um, no, dear. Dopefests are when people who frequent the Straight Dope Message Boards (SDMB), an online discussion/debate board, get together in real life; "straight dope," hence "dopefest."
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