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This week and the weekend to come

Tuesday night was gaming - yay! Myke and John made ravioli and David and Bill came over and we played Burn Rate and Transamerica and Daniel lovingly kicked our asses (3 against 1!) at Halo. Again. Bleargh. Talked to Quincy and he was feeling much better, thankfully. He even had access to LiveJournal via the computers at the library - well, at least for a day until they decided to block it. (Is my journal that offensive?)

Wednesday was yet another quiet day at work. Annamarie's been busy getting things together before she leaves, which could be any time really. After work I came home for a quick dinner, then Daniel and I drove down to see Shaolin Soccer, which wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, but was still very amusing (and the bois was tres cute!). It was us, Pat and Johnny, Jeff, and a new couple - yay new members! Q was kind of irked that he got winded at the gym, but I think it's just him getting adjusted to going again.

Today was - you guess it! - another quiet day at work, although I did get a few things accomplished. I went to La Jolla Village Square at lunch at hit Marshall's and found a keen pair of pants wicked cheap (as all my pants seem to be shrinking lately, which is very frustrating), and I finally found the perfect table for the corner of my office, also wicked cheap (although I have to bring it back for a smaller size 'cause it's a tad too big). Shopping at lunchtime is fun. Tonight it was a cheesesteak for dinner, followed by laundry. David Gerrold sent me his pictures from Gaylaxicon (and he took a lot of pictures) so I started sorting through them to put up in my photo album. Also talked to Q and he was peppy and funny and just like the boi I love. {sigh}

Tomorrow is Friday - finally! I have been so tired this week every day at work. I've been getting enough sleep, but I also wasn't taking my regular vitamin regimen this week, so maybe that had something to do with it.

My hopes for the weekend are to finish my laundry, straight up my room a bit (at least put all my laundry away) and finish staining the shelves for my room. Once I put those in I am hoping a snowball effect will occur (which it has in the past) which will get my room in better shape.

But now, I tire. I'm off to bed. G'nite, folks!

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