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The bliss of ignorance

superly posts in the san_diego about today's "gas out." As reported by (and as other rather intelligently and thoughtfully pointed out to her), it's a stupid, ineffectual idea, despite it getting some media attention. Her response? She deletes and turns off comments to the post.


So I post another message giving people the real scoop, hopefully to dispel an urban legend, and wondering why someone would be so uptight and unreasonable. People start replying, and somewhere in there things turn ugly; however, I'm not sure exactly how bad it got, because the moderator of the community decided to delete both posts and be done with the issue entirely.

Now she's gone and posted the same misinformation in her own journal, but of course her comments are screened so my reply to her asking if she'd even read anything about it got deleted. So be it, but here's something she wrote in her journal: "I just have little to no interest in current news information. I typically watch the news as little as possible."

The bliss of willful ignorance. Astounding.

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