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The LJ Mad Lib - Revealed!

From my earlier posting, here is the Mad Lib you've all been waiting for!

Today was so throbbing! Boutros Boutros-Ghali and I went down to The Library of Congress and skittered like we've never collapsed before! After that we drove in my veranda all the way to the freeway overpass and went to Public Water Treatment Facility #3 for dinner. I had coq au vin and they had beignet. We talked about Brad Pitt's thighs for at least 411 hours, but then we were so tired we decided to head back to my place to frell. We ended up watching The Poseidon Adventure (which I thought was pretty perverse but they thought was blue), and then afterwards we dryhumped. Go suck a circus! Boutros is really good at that! Then I said goodnight, went upstairs and queefed, curled up with my anal beads and went to sleep thinking about what a repugnant day it had been.

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