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Sunday, Monday and today

So I got up Sunday, took a shower, and Myke and I headed to Vons to get food for the meeting/party. We still hadn't figured out if we were going to be BBQing or doing my suggestion of cheesesteaks, so we got both, plus a pizza (and now, of course, have a ton of food left over). Got back, finished straightening up, and everyone arrived.

Good wrap-up meeting (mostly because, for the most part, the convention went so swimmingly well). Each department gave me their final report, we discussed positives and negatives, lessons learned, what we want to pass on to next year, etc... and then I fired their asses! Ah, sweet justice. However, at the end, they wouldn't fire me nor would they let me quit... that is, until Tom and Myke came out with the cake that said, "YOU'RE FIRED!" Ah, sweet cake. :D

And the best news? We made a profit of around $2500! YOWZA! That's a nice chunk of change (and that's after we paid back each individual staff members' expenses, including mine of about $300)! 30% goes back to the Network, 30% goes to SDQSF, 30% goes to Planet LAmbda (who has a plan for putting the money back into Gaylaxicon, but I can't say how just yet), and 10% will go to the charity suggested by adventdragon, HARP here in San Diego. That means SDQSF will be able to afford the booth at Pride - yay! It also means I'm very good at running a fiscally responsible convention (or, rather, Chris is an outstanding Treasurer).

After the meeting part John fired up the BBQ, we ate chicken and burgers and rounded out the evening with some gaming (Burn Rate, Epic Duels and Carcassonne). It was good to see everyone (although we were missing a few folks) one last time, although almost all of them I'm either working with on another con or will work with them again soon. Unfortunately in the busy-ness of the day I didn't get a chance to talk to Quincy but for a few minutes, and I could tell something was wrong but he wasn't forthcoming so I figured I'd talk to him about it later.

Monday was back to work with a run to the bank at lunchtime (hopefully all the G'con outstanding checks will clear soon so we can close the books for good). I had nothing to do, so I vegged for a while watching Airport and Family Plots. Quincy called and was very down, and we had a long talk. Now that the rush of moving is over, he's bored and a little depressed over being alone and having no friends. Part of it is he still doesn't know where he's going to be living (he finally submitted the final part of the housing package Monday) so he can't settle in (or be himself, for that matter), he doesn't want to spend a lot of time and money driving into DC all the time (especially if he gets into the habit of doing it and finds himself doing it during the week), he doesn't want to spend a lot of money drinking at clubs (although he still likes to go out and dance), he wants gay friends not just Navy friends (and his ex Edward is closeted so can't introduce him to any of his friends because he doesn't have any), he doesn't have his computer up and running yet (and won't until the housing situation gets settled), etc. A lot to deal with. So we talked about possible ways to remedy the situation - there's an Asians & Friends chapter in DC, and I contacted them for more info on their events; I reminded him of Lambda Sci-Fi (and I know Carl would show him around in a heartbeat); and I told him it was ok, at least until he met more people close by (or got his computer up and running to find more people close by), to go into DC once in a while and go dancing if he felt like it, and reminded him that he didn't have to drink when he danced (although I'm sure it's a habit thing with him because that's how he's always done it). So by the end I think he felt a little bit better, but it won't last if he doesn't start getting out there. I'm not sure how my visit out there will affect him (or me) to remind us both what we're missing, and more what he's missing without the friends he made here in San Diego (plus having me to spend all his time with). Argh. My poor boo. :( Rounded out the night by watching DS9 (good Garak episode), Voyager, and the very silly Reno 911.

Today is another quiet day in the office. We've been really slow the last few weeks, although we have a lunch coming up in 2 weeks that will require some prep work. I really need to take this time to clean up my filing, but it's hard to get motivated. Blah.

Tonight is gaming, tomorrow night is Shaolin Soccer with LYC, and that's about it through the weekend. Yay!

Someone made me a Harry Kim icon, but I'm all full up now. I might have to splurge for the extra $10 to get more icons. I never thought I'd want to do that, but I might. We'll see.

Oh, and let me just say that I'm so pissed at Google. Their new feature? The first page of results is all commercial sites, plus they give you a pop-up with more commercial sites. VERY HIGHLY ANNOYING! Not pleased with this new development.

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