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Well I learned how to shock people yesterday, so if anyone has a heart attack, cardiac arrest, a stroke or starts choking, I can administer CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and use an AED. Whee! BZZZZZZZZZT! Hee hee! Whee! (And some white boy was cruising me. It was cute.)

After that was Annamarie & Erin's baby shower, but since the training started long before I usually eat lunch I was starving, so I had some cheese and hummus but felt the need for real food so I just paid my respects and took off, stopping at the grocery store and for gas on the way home.

Came home, ate dinner, watched the conflagration of Jimmy Neutron and Fairly Oddparents which was kind of amusing, talked to the Q-man (he got frocked today!), and added some more of my art collection to my photo album.

Today's a quiet day, although it looks like I'll miss the Umbrella Group lunch because I need to leave on time. Gah. Debbi's gonna hurt me. Oh, well. Then I pick up the pictures, possibly grab dinner with Yudi (if he would ever call me back), then LYC dessert, and I think I'll skip Rich's tonight. I also need to get some cleaning done - I'll need to make time tomorrow (skip the Conjecture meeting, perhaps - we'll see).

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