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The week so far

I was going to stop after work on Monday and buy a new set of rear tires but I had a meeting at our old offices and it wasn't convenient to stop on the way home. Mom called and ended up dumping a bunch of drama on me. Seems the guy who's been cutting my grandmother's lawn is just a tad bit shady, so my sister Lynda reported him to the Better Business Bureau and started having her kids, David and Michael, do Grandmom's lawn. Well, despite the guy calling and yelling at Lynda and essentially threatening her, Grandmom decides we're all just making it up and hires him back. Lynda, in a fit of pique (and deservedly so), vented at Mom and said she'd never go over there again, which of course got Mom upset and feeling like she's in the middle between doing what's right for her mother and standing up for her daughter. Much drama all around. I called Lynda and she calmed down enough to apologize to Mom and let her know it's not her fault, but I don't blame her for being mad at Grandmom. Jesus she's a stubborn, selfish old bitch... bless her heart! :D Besides that Quincy got a new pair of nerdy glasses and has decided to change his look now that he's advanced, so when he gets frocked on Thursday he'll have nerdy glasses, shorter hair, and he's going to start up at the gym again. My honey's so cute! :D I spent the rest of the night hooking up John and Myke's scanner and scanning pics - fun! (I'll upload them soon to my Fotki album, although I have a lot more to do.)

Tuesday was Dad's birthday, so afterwards I called Mom and Lynda and Susan had come down for the afternoon. She said Christina's class had sung "Happy Birthday" to him - I think that's weird, but everyone else thinks it's sweet. The three of them got through the day, although getting something out of the workshop proved emotional for them. After work people actually showed up for gaming! David, Daniel, Myke, Bill and I played Mutiny! and Epic Duels, and we dished about The Hat, Quincy, and David's new job.

Today it's been blissfully quiet at work as all the DOs are out at a training on campus today and tomorrow - yay! I took the time to hop online and finally buy my ticket to Maryland for Memorial Day ($340, which was more than I wanted to spend but it could have been worse). Tonight it's the LYC EC meeting (first one I've attended since February), and I suppose I'll have to call Susan since it's her birthday. Bleargh.

Tomorrow will be another quiet day, and in the afternoon I get to get trained on the office defibrillator which we inherited from the previous tenants, and then after that is the office baby shower for my boss. Ugh. I haven't gotten her anything yet. I hate being social with my co-workers.

Friday I'll probably pop over to the Umbrella Group monthly luncheon (something else I haven't done in ages), then after work I'll pick up the pictures of me and Q at JC Penney's, and then Friday night is LYC desserts at Extraordinary Desserts and then dancing at Rich's. Glee. Maybe I'll see if Trudi wants to do dinner.

The rest of the weekend is a Conjecture staff meeting and BBQ on Saturday, then the final Gaylaxicon staff meeting and BBQ on Sunday. Yay!

Next week? NOTHING planned through the weekend! w00t!

Other stuff on my radar:
  • Need to start planning for Pride for both LYC and SDQSF
  • Clean the house this week for the party Sunday
  • Finish staining the shelves for my bedroom
  • Need to do all the follow-up G'con stuff on my to do list
That's it.

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