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Did I mention Q has a little crush on someone at the base? Aw. So cute.

Unproductive day at work. Got so much done the last two days I slacked. Bah.

Got my hair cut after work. Looks keen. Getting highlights again next month. (Sssh! Don't tell Quincy!)

Went shopping afterwards and bought underwear, a new shower curtain and tissues. Wow.

I also paid for a Sleepy t-shirt I bought on eBay. It's a girl's. Oh well.

Quincy needs to understand that when I hang up the phone it doesn't mean that I don't want to talk to him anymore. Sheesh.

Watched several damn good episodes of Deep Space Nine tonight. Daniel and I agree the combination of good actors playing such great characters is one of the things that made the show so great.

Updated my pictures on Fotki, so go check out the new stuff if you like.

Tomorrow I'd like to wash my car and finish staining my shelves before I head to LYC coffee and then Van Helsing with SDQSF. Sunday I have no plans.

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