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Monday, Monday...

Ended up getting Rubio's last night for dinner, then stayed up watching Airline (very cool - my mother told me about this show and I think she'll use it as excuses not to fly out here, but it was insanely interesting to watch) and Family Plots (takes place just a few miles from here in Poway - a little hard to watch at times being reminded of my dad, but the interoffice catfighting is wholly amusing).

Today I was back to work and got a lot of stuff done, although we were hit with a virus that kept causing my computer to announce it was shutting down in 60 seconds. Grrr. Fortunately it wasn't my fault, and IT fixed it after lunch. I'm also trying out a new cash-in-hand budget technique to see if I can limit my weekly spending, or at the very least track where the frell all my money is going. On the plus side I took my entire tax refund and stuffed it in my savings account - yay me! Michael had his surgery today which went well, although a little extra drainage caused him to go back to the ER, but it was nothing to worry about, thankfully. I didn't hear from Quincy since the morning and was starting to get a little worried, but it turns out he was driving the car he got from the dealership for the weekend back to DC so he could actually buy one of them - a Saturn Ion. Yay him! He didn't want to call me while he was driving since it was raining and he doesn't know MD cell phones. (gingy? Little help?) We also started talking about me coming out there for Memorial Day, 'cause I miss him so. :( I also got a call from Pat and he and Johnny went to Tuscon this weekend and bought a house! 3 bedrooms for a little over $100K - certainly not San Diego prices! They'll start moving in about 6 weeks, but he'll stay here until he gets a job there.

Tomorrow is gaming, Wednesday I have to meet up with Vince to return his footage from Surge Of Power, Friday I have a hair appointment, Sunday is Mother's Day, and I started updating my post-Gaylaxicon to do list, so I really need to get hopping on that.

And now I shall go get my ass kicked by Daniel in Halo. :D

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