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Yudi's roommate, Peter, sold the storage shed he (Yudi) was going to give to Michael and John. Without asking. Without permission. He figured it was just sitting there in the way (Yudi had taken it apart and has been trying to figure out a time when Michael and John can come get it), he was getting tired of looking at it, and since Yudi was going to get rid of it anyway, why not? So he sold it to some guy and gave Yudi the money.


I'd kick his ass out of the house. What a jerk!

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    Wed, 12:07: Gone. Finished. Done. Good riddance. BUH-BYE, #loser. 🤣

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    Wed, 22:34: #invokethe25th

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    Sun, 04:40: @ dominos this is the square cut I asked for? If you're going to ignore the special requests field on the app, remove it. (And…

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