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Home sick today. Stuffy, sore throat, achy. Bleargh.

Mom called. She had sort of a bad day, going up in the attic to get something and the way things were organized reminded her of everything Dad did, plus finding a pair of toy antlers we used to put on Bart reminded her of him. The back porch roof has been leaking so John and the rest of the guys from QED (the construction firm my dad worked for before he left and started working at The Disney Store) said they would come out next week and fix it for her, and she even cried about how wonderful they are to come out and help her because they cared so much for Dad. Tears, but at least in a good way. Thankfully she's still crying when she needs to, and the medication she's on has given her the energy to get up and actually do things around the house, which makes her feel better.

Quincy also called and is going out tonight with the only person he knows in the area - his ex-boyfriend! He's Filipino (the one and only one that Q has dated), so I'm not particularly worried. :D

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