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Somewhere over the weekend...

So this past weekend was quite a big one - we got our first couples portraits taken, had a going away party, went to a wedding, met RuPaul and hung out with Joe Phillips, went to Legoland, had our last romantic dinner together for a while, and off he went to Maryland...

So Friday Q picked me up from work, said goodbye to my co-workers he'd met, and we went home to change. From there we headed down to Fashion Valley and got our pictures taken at the JC Penney portrait studio. They turned out great! We bought one set of prints from one shot, and then another sheet of a second shot that also turned out good. (I'll post them when I get them in a couple of weeks.)

Afterwards we met up with Tri, did a little shopping, and then had the big farewell dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. We had about 15 people there - folks from LYC (Pat & Johnny, Chris & Simon, Yudi & Travis), from the chorus (Michael, Jeremy), and friends of mine that became friends of his, too (Michael and John, Tri, David, Ben). It was a very nice dinner, although of course in situations like that you always end up not spending enough time with anyone, but at least he got to say a few goodbyes.

After that we headed right to Rich's, and Q of course spent the night impressing everyone with his wild dance moves. His cousin James was there, and I was quite disappointed that once again neither took the opportunity to reconnect. Blah. We also ran into soulflux, who looked rather drunk but was having a good time. :D Mario was there and was a wee bit tipsy - enough so that he confessed his regret over letting me go, liberally sprinkled with "I'm so happy you found someone" and "it was all my fault" and "you're such a great guy" and "I never meant to hurt you" and the like, all culminating in a long, intense hug and a wistful kiss on the cheek (that I'm convinced he wanted to plant elsewhere). It's nice to be, um, loved. :D (Mario's a sweetie, and I was rather disappointed when he cut me loose as I could have seen myself with him, but it's all water under the bridge now, bless his little heart.) To top it all off some guy tried to chat me up while I was standing watching Q dance, so I nicely mentioned in passing my boyfriend and that was that. Gay bois are so cute. :D

Believe it or not we closed the place, and while we were outside trying to round up the stragglers to say goodbye, Yudi called to let me know that while he, Travis and Vince were walking back to their cars they were accosted by some drunk who punched Vince in the mouth and cut his lip open! They were at the ER for a while, but fortunately the cops did get the guy and Vince will be ok. Major suckage. :(

Saturday - After getting up and grabbing breakfast we started to make our way to Cal State Northridge for Darrel & Kris' wedding. On the way up, however, I checked my messages and there was one from Steve informing me that nazcr was in the hospital! Evidently she was ready to give birth to her third alien baby (i.e., some unexplained thing that happens to her that puts her in the hospital for overnight observation and they never find out what it was exactly). I did call and talk to her, and forunately they think it was just either a pulled muscle or a little anxiety, but either way the happy drugs made her feel better and she just stayed overnight. Blah.

We made it to the wedding right at 2:00. It was lovely, although a bit warm in the sun, but it was short and quite funny (nothing like when fen get married). Saw a bunch of people I enjoy seeing and ate many peeps, but after the cake I was starving and ready to go, so jkusters, thomasm, Q and I hit a Denny's on the way home.

Once we got home we called Joe Phillips to see if they were still gaming, which they were, so we decided to make an appearnace. When we got there a dozen or so boys were playing a cheesy game involving a video "host" that kept interrupting the game, but everyone was having a good time. They took a cocktail break and I briefly got to meet RuPaul, who strikes me as just your average fabulously witty gay guy. After cocktails, though, a bunch of people decided to either head home or head out to the clubs, so we never did get in another game of anything. It ended up being me, Q, Joe and a couple of straight guys (one of whom would be Daniel if Daniel were straight) until we left, but not before Q got through asking Joe a lot of questions about his business and his art, including finding out that Joe wants to expand his studio by hiring more artists, which just might be an interesting lead for Q if Joe likes his work. On the way home Q was feeling a little queasy, and I learned not to let him drink vodka anymore. :D

Sunday we got up way too early, but it was worth it because we went to Legoland! It was quite fun, as it was Q's first time and it's been a while since I was there so there were new things I hadn't seen before. Even with lunch it's not a long day, so we were out of there by about 4:30. From there we went right to Fashion Valley and went to Build-A-Bear so we could make Quincy Bear (including a black tank top, cell phone & sunglasses) and Alan Kitty (including cowboy boots, a Hawaiian shirt and a shoulder bag) for each other. (Aren't we sickeningly cute?) We even included recordings for each other so I can hear him every night before I go to sleep. {sigh}

We quit popped home to get cleaned up and rest for a bit, and then we headed to Hunters Steak House for dinner (using the gift certificate Michael and John gave us for Christmas - thanks, guys!). We got there at 9:10, not realizing they closed at 9:00, but they sat us anyway. Great romantic dinner (playing more games of "what if" regarding what might happen location-wise and job-wise with both of us down the road), and a perfect way to close out our last night together.

Well, except for the fact that when we got home we were up until around 1:00 a.m. packing. Oy. :P

Monday Q got up early to shower and get ready, and he woke me up at 5:00 a.m. to throw on some pants and get him to the airport. (He said he didn't get much sleep so he spent a lot of time watching me instead - awww!) I got him to the airport, which was busier than I thought it would be at 5:45 in the morning, and we said a subdued goodbye as he walked through security. I'd told him the night before that if it didn't seem like I was getting overly emotional about it not to assume that I wasn't just as frustrated and upset about this whole thing as he was. The difference is that it might be an awfully long, 3-year tunnel, but I do see the light at the end of it, and, more importantly, I know that he and I will work together (key word being work) to make sure we survive this. I know in 3 years we will finally be where we both need to be - together - but I'll also admit that I'm greatly looking forward to Memorial Day weekend, which will be my first trip out to visit him (although we may possibly go to Florida and meet up there instead - not sure what his schedule looks like yet).

So after I dropped him off I went to work, exhausted with only 4 hours of sleep (but at least I got in on time for a change!). At lunchtime I went to Vons to pick up 3 rolls of pictures I'd gotten developed, including the tail end of our trip to Vegas, pictures from Disneyland, his graduation and the chorus concert, all very keen. During the day he called to let me know he'd arrived safely, Bobbie had picked him up, and they were headed to base for the night.

After work I went home and immediately crashed, finally having a chance to catch up not having enough sleep for the past 2 weeks (longer if you include G'con). I got up around 9:00 p.m., ate something light, finished reading Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, cuddled up with Quincy Bear and went to sleep. (Oddly at one point I'd shifted position, only to find that Quincy Bear had fallen nose-first into my crotch and I hadn't even realized it. It truly is Quincy's totem! :D )

Yesterday I hit Target at lunch to pick up some bathroom stuff. No one showed up for gaming night, however, so I just putzed around on the computer for most of the night.

Yudi finally got around to sending me the list of events they'd decided on from the meeting on April 6. Since one of the events was a big dinner they'd finally gotten around to planning, and it was supposed to happen this Sunday (with no prior notice to anyone about it), it was decided that we'd reschedule it. Bleargh. I swear I don't know how they'll ever get by without me. ;)

Today is another work day, and I ran to Albertsons at lunch only to run into Creepy Albertsons Stalker Guy! At least this time when I was curt with him (although not outright mean, just not very friendly) he apologized for bothering me, so maybe he finally got the hint. Tonight I need to head down to Darrel and Kris' because I have some of their wedding gifts from Saturday (they didn't have enough room for all of them in his van).

So now that G'con is over and my darling boyfriend has left the building, I figured I'd have a few weeks to myself to just relax, right? BAH! Tomorrow night I have a phone call scheduled with Peter to discuss the highs and lows of being Speaker for the Gaylactic Network, then there may be an LYC EC meeting to discuss this dinner thing; Saturday is the SANSFIS membership meeting; next week I have to get my hair cut; at some point I have to schedule the last meeting for G'con, then chat with Wayne and possibly Lance about lessons learned; and a bunch of other things I put on my calendar last night which seemed to fill it up pretty quick. Dammit!

Here's one thing I didn't know - the UU General Assembly is in Long Beach this year, June 24-28. A tempting proposition to finally go to one since it's practically in my back yard. I'll have to see if Michael is going.

Finally, I forgot to mention here that my evil co-worker was driving to work last week (Monday?) and someone rear-ended her car pretty badly, so much so that she was out for the rest of the week and is only working 2-hour days while her soft tissue injuries heal. Sadly, she's generated zero sympathy from most of the people around here since she's so disliked, but I do feel bad for her as it was totally not her fault.

That's it for now. :D

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