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I'm still working on my Gaylaxicon wrap-up post, but in the meantime I didn't want to fall behind again on my boring every day stuff, so here's last weekend and the past couple of days.

Friday was work, and when I got home I quick helped Quincy put together his groovy tie-dyed headband and waistband for his costume for the Gay Men's Chorus San Diego concert, "That 60s Show," which was a lot of fun - good music, fun staging, and both Yudi and Travis did drag. After the show a bunch of us went to Brians' for dinner.

I made sure to give Yudi a copy of the Gaylaxicon program book and told him he wasn't allowed to ask me any questions about the con until he'd read it cover to cover, and that I wasn't mad that he didn't show but because he'd called me and/or Daniel every day for two weeks pestering us about it.

Saturday we slept in, then hit LYC coffee (Q's last one - wah!). He had to make his call, so a couple of us went to dinner at Amarin Thai, and then afterwards I went to the show again (much better the second night). After the concert they had to strike the stage, and then they had an after party at Bourbon Street. It was Yudi's birthday, so Q and I decided to give him a con t-shirt (his artwork, my con - truly a gift from the both of us).

While we were making our way out we ran into Joe Phillips, and he invited us over to his place this coming Satuday to hang out and play board games with none other than RuPaul! We may just stop over for laughs.

After just a few hours sleep Q kicked my butt out of bed so we could go to Disneyland! I called Lynda and Mom on the way up, and it turns out that Susan and Jim had another huge fight with Jim threatening her and she making plans to leave him... only to change her mind, so it's all back to business as usual. Ugh.

It was pretty crowded but I managed to work the hell out of the FastPass system pretty well so we didn't have to wait very long for anything, and we did manage to hit all of the "must-dos" and had time to hit a few of the "if you have times." We saw the new Snow White: An Enchanting New Musical at the Fantasyland Theatre and it was very well done (plus Patrick Stewart is the voice of the Magic Mirror). Needless to say by the end of it I got pretty choked up thinking how much Dad would have loved it, so it seemed the most appropriate time to head over to the Snow White waterfall and wishing well to scatter his lock of hair while "I'm Wishing" was playing in the background (Lynda and Mom did the same thing in Disney World in February). Even though he never made it out to California, a small piece of him will always be a part of the happiest place on earth. We made time to see "Believe... There's Magic In The Stars", the fireworks show, and Fantasmic, the water show, right before we left, did a little shopping, and got home around 2:00 a.m., but it was worth it.

Monday I overslept just a bit but still made it to work before 9. Q called during the day and him, Daniel and Tri went to see The Punisher, and afterwards I met them at Onami in Mission Valley for dinner but there wasn't enough in the buffet that I'd actually eat to warrant the cost, so I just sat and chatted and ate when we got home. Flor's mother is in the hospital but she made time for all 5 of us to go sing karaoke at a place Tri recommended in Clairemont, and I had a good time despite myself. Daniel wailed as only he can, Flor has a GREAT voice, of course Q and I were faboo, and poor Tri kept saying he wanted to sing but every time we told him it was his turn he was too shy. :) Afterwards Daniel and I dropped Tri off, and had a good conversation about our respective boyfriends on the way home.

Tonight it's an SDQSF meetup at David's, which means our gaming night is cancelled and I'm going to miss LYC gaming night at Yudi's. Because of various bullshit his family is pulling, Quincy has decided not to go to Sacramento after all to see his parents, but will be spending the day tomorrow driving up just past LA to drop off his brother-in-law's car, then take Greyhound back. It's all good, since that means we have 3 more nights to spend together. Saturday is Kris & Darrel's wedding, plus hanging out with Joe, and Sunday will be our day - probably a movie, and use that gift certificiate for Hunters steak house.

And then my wonderful Q leaves early Monday morning. Wah. :(

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