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3 days to go!

So last night Q called after rehearsal and said he wasn't feeling good and he wanted to lay down for a while, so I told Daniel to go ahead and get dinner without me. Later on Q came over and we went to dinner at IHOP (the only place open), and afterwards I worked some on the Events page of the program book, but I didn't finish. Q stayed over, though, and that was nice.

Got up this morning and headed to work. First thing I did was realize that I'd forgotten to give Q the picture that Joe drew of me at Pride so he could scan it for my picture in the program book, so I called Adam to find out his deadline, only to find out that he'd already finished it and sent it off to Glen to get printed! (He said he was up working on it at 6 am.) And because I didn't get the events page to him last night, he just took it out completely. The good news is that since it was done it was ready to be made public (you can see it here, along with the preliminary programming schedule here). The bad news is there are errors that I would have wanted fixed if he'd let me see it for one last look-see before sending it to Glen, but we can always do an errata page at-con if necessary (plus I really wanted my pic by Joe in there, but oh well - the point is it's done).

Spent the rest of the day making phone calls, following up on event insurance and tote bags from FoPaws using Joe's artwork, update on the polo shirts, and a few other things. Slow, quiet day at work anyway, so no harm done (although I did manage get a few things done). Even managed to walk to UTC for lunch for the first time (and it was a nice day for it). I called Joe about getting the full version of the artwork (sneak peek here), and Quincy wanted to see his studio, so I picked him up and we went downtown to see his place. Also got to meet his brother, Lex, and they showed us some stuff from Stonewall & Riot they're working on, plus a Pokemon spoof called Phukemon - "Gotta fuck 'em all!" Quite amusing, and Joe's a real sweetheart. After that we had dinner at Lotus Thai, then went to Michael's in Mission Valley to get him matting for all the prints he's putting up in the art show, then spent some quality cuddle time before I came home.

Tomorrow I'm picking up JV because she's getting her car fixed, which means I actually have to be in on time at 8:00. Ugh.

Tonight was very weird. I'd been working all day on my "to do" list for the con, updating it and striking things off as I took care of what I needed to do. The more I looked at it, though, the more I realized either (a) other staff members were handling it and I just needed to follow up with them, or (b) it involved making phone calls, not necessarily running around or having to actually do anything. But keeping it open there kept me focussed, which is good. Unfortunately, when I left work I forgot to e-mail me the updated list, which I realized when I got to Q's. Then for the rest of the night I had this really uneasy feeling - why am I not in a frenzy and/or panicking and/or stressing out?!?! Truly, isn't that what a Con Chair is supposed to be doing 3 days before the convention? And yet there I was, schmoozing with a GoH and having dinner and going shopping with my boyfriend, and even though I kept going over my list in my mind, sure I'd forgotten something vitally important, nothing changed - it's all basically just phone calls, and all of them I can only do during working hours, so there's nothing I could do about it tonight anyway.

It was quite unsettling - either it means things were going so amazingly swimmingly well that it was near impossible to imagine, or I was missing some vastly huge important thing that come Friday at 12:30 pm will loom over me and eat my con.

Or something.

Very weird feeling. Don't like it at all. Very unsettling. I will be happy again when I have my list in front of me so I can methodically check off each item as it is completed, thereby giving me some comforting feeling that I have not, indeed, forgotten anything.

At least, that is, if I've remembered to write it down...


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