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Looking forward to the weekend...

Had a good night gaming on Wednesday, and Daniel made a good dinner. Played Illuminati - complicated, but not overly. (Yudi wants to play Clue again!) Last night we had a goodbye dinner for Khoi, who is moving back to Montreal. I also found out Robert and his partner are moving to Santa Cruz in about two weeks. Afterwards we went for coffee and Thang pulled out dominoes, which I played for the first time (and won twice). Tonight Yudi's going shopping at Vin Dhang, a Vietnamese supermarket so he can finally get food approximating Indonesian food, then we're having dinner over Pat & Johnny's and going to sing country karaoke at Kicker's (gotta dust off my boots). Tomorrow he's coming over for lunch, then we'll go to coffee and dinner at the GAMNET thing at Bourbon Street, and then either stay and play bingo or watch a movie or something. At some point I have to get ready for the Gaylaxicon meeting, but that shouldn't be too hard.

Wuf. At least work wasn't nearly as frenetic as I expected it to be - looks like the invites are going out Monday, and we're good with that.

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