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My friday

Good day at work, got stuff done (including updating the Gaylaxicon web page. Had a breakfast meeting which I just barely made (got up at like 7:50 and had to be there at 8:30) and they said they were going to come up with a rotating schedule for all the DA's in the office to handle the front desk while the receptionist goes to lunch so it's not just on one person (needless to say the proposal went over like a lead balloon).

Unfortunately a pre-registration payment for a lunchtime workshop the co-worker I don't like was going to today never got paid (which wasn't anywhere near my fault, and my boss knows that), so that was somewhat inconvenient for her and I'm sure she thinks it was my screw-up, but I don't really care much.

In the afternoon they called us back into the conference room for a quick announcement - seems that the name of the person we selected as our new Chancellor (but hadn't yet confirmed) leaked to the press, so we had to jump a few weeks ahead of schedule and reluctantly announce the name before it got published, so congratulations Dr. Marye Ann Fox. I skipped lunch because I knew I had to leave early for my hair appointment with Liz, which I made on time and caught up on all the gossip in her life.

Earlier in the day I'd talked with Kris about finding a new book dealer for the Dealers Room (we'd been having problems finding an independent bookseller since Mysterious Galaxy said no), so I said the time had come to try a couple of chain stores, and I decided to make a few calls right after my haircut. Wouldn't you know it, the first one I called - B. Dalton in Mission Valley - jumped at the chance and they'll be there. w00t. Took me all of 10 minutes.

After that I headed to Stitch Factory and put the deposit on the t-shirts, then hit a couple places with flyers (Claire de Lune, Flame, Numbers). I met up with pinoyboytoyQ at Hillcrest Tattoo just in time to see that he got his ears pierced! He looks so good! And it's all shiny and stuff! squee!

We met up with Bill and had dinner at Hamburger Mary's, then afterwards finished flyering around Hillcrest. On the way back I stopped off at the mailbox and Obelisk, and I ran into Howie who is down housesitting for Pat and Johnny while they're in Phoenix. I made one last stop and put up flyers at Rich's, and then I headed to Quincy's to pick up the draft copy of the program book so I can finish my "letter from the Chair" and our GoH bios.

He let me see the pieces he'd done for the art show, and they rock! He is going to own that place this weekend. I'm so proud. :D We also spent some quality cuddle time as we haven't seen each other much over the past few days and we were both feeling a little lonely. :( Then I had to leave to come back home and now I need to go finish my work for the program book before Adam kills me.

Tomorrow I'm having brunch with Allison to go over the panel schedule, then perhaps I'll hit coffee if I have the time.

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