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This week in review

So I left work early on Monday and did the radio interview. Can't wait to hear how it turns out (although it looks like I'll have to get it off the web as no one in San Diego carries the program). Afterwards pinoyboytoyQ brought over his pencil sketches for the program book - very cool! I'll post some when I have time after the con. xiaomoziTri and darkscydeDaniel and I did another round of Halo while Q started inking in his sketches, and then he stayed overnight (yay!).

Tuesday was a bad day at work. Started off with my co-worker saying, "Where are those stamps I asked you to get last week?" Since I never had a due date or the total amount they needed I hadn't gotten them yet, so I had to do a lot of running around to get them (not that it mattered, as the mailing didn't go out that day anyway, but my boss was obviously displeased, although my co-worker didn't make a big deal out of it). By the time I got home I was wiped and I crashed for an hour or so. caprineAllison came over and we talked about programming stuff, but then she had to take off, so Daniel, David, Myke and I played Management Material, Carcassonne, then John joined us for Tongiaki.

Wednesday I bumped my meeting with Annamarie from Thursday and she very diplomatically told me I screwed up and how not to do it again. It all worked out. She even said after the con when I'm "firing on all pistons again" she knows things will be back to normal. Also had a phone conversation with our hotel rep who is so tight-fisted it hurts. Good news is we're over our room block by 58 room nights - w00t! Not getting much out of them for it, though. Still, things are going smoothly, even if frustrating at times. I finally got a call back from Stitch Factory and they gave me a great price for full color t-shirts, so we decided to go ahead with Quincy's awesome logo. After work cikevinTK, Bill and Allison came over and we reviewed BEOs and the con suite, then we reviewed security stuff with Daniel. I was up late but we got a lot done.

Today I hit the bank at lunchtime to do a deposit for the con, and while I was there the hotel rep called me back. Was willing to give me some of what I wanted, but unfortunately for this particular issue it was all or nothing. However, I managed to leverage what she was willing to offer into something that we could use, even if I don't know exactly quite how yet (namely a free room). We'll see what she says tomorrow. I also confirmed the t-shirt order with Stitch Factory, followed up on event insurance quotes, and talked to Q about what he needs to do to get his art up in the art show. After work I called our Artist Guest of Honor, Joe Phillips, and followed up on some last-minute details, and dont' you know it? He sent me artwork! D'oh! I may use FoPaws to do some iron-ons of it for the volunteers, because it's a pretty good piece. (Interesting side note - if I want the full-sized electronic version I'm going to have to stop by his studio to get it on disk in person. That might be a neat experience!) After that jkustersJohn, Daniel and I went to Darkstar dinner at Fuddruckers, and I was glad to run into Darrel, Rebecca, lenniersdHans & Annette.

Tomorrow I have a haircut appointment at 4:00 (no time to color it this time around - Q is so upset, I can tell), then I have to meet Bill in Hillcrest to flyer around, probably will need to drop a check off at Stitch Factory, and then Quincy and Daniel got invited to go out clubbing with robbie7577Robbie but I think I'm going to bow out because I'll have things I need to do.

Less than a week to go - yikes! Thankfully my to do list is getting shorter and shorter, and everyone is pulling their weight on staff, so it's all good.

And just to make everyone jealous, here's the artwork Quincy drew for our t-shirts:

Ain't he keen? :D
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