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Which tarot card are you?

"Undirected Creative Force. Open, receptive, devoid of pre-conceived notions. Beginnings.

A young man holding the white rose of innocence in his left hand and grasping a vagabond's staff and satchel in the other, wanders with his gaze to the heaves, about to step into and abyss. His is the transformative journey of the spirit from innocence through experience into wisdom. His guardian and friend is the white dog symbolizing his own puppylike trust and faith, for which the world labels him The Fool."

Heh. This ought to surprise no one. And the scary part is, I've only ever had my tarot read maybe six or seven times in my life, and EACH AND EVERY TIME the Fool has appeared, usually inverted. That's always kinda scared me, but not because of the nature of the card (in fact, I celebrate the Fool, and for those of you who know tarot, it's not what the layman would assume it means), but rather that it really has appeared every time I've had my tarot read. Kinda freaky...

Me, I've got the Aquarian deck. I like it (very Medieval), but haven't touched it in years. I should dig it out.

Thanks, harlkyn!

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