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An interesting Wednesday...

So I got 3 of my watches batteries fixed today, and forgot the one that's been broken the longest, which has been hanging on my shoulder bag since I bought it. Erg. I also need to get a key made for a certain someone who'll be living with us for a couple of weeks, so maybe I'll do both of those next time I hit UTC at lunch.

My annoying co-worker managed to annoy me again by circumventing me (and the procedure our team had agreed on) because "I wasn't around" - yeah, being at lunch is such an inconvenience for something that under no circumstances needed to be done at that moment. And, of course, by circumventing me and doing it herself, she screwed it up. I went ahead and told my boss because it was really fecking annoying, and she said I was right and she'd mention it to her. Yay me.

After work I went down and picked up the G'con mail, including a couple more memberships, a few program book ad payments, and a few excursion payments. I then stopped at K-Mart to pick up a few things, and then came home. Daniel had to go work a movie shoot downtown and forgot his jacket and badge, so I was a good ate and drove it down to him. Amidst all this I was making quite a few phone calls to get people motivated to get stuff done as we have a mere two weeks until the con! Criminy. So much to do, so much to do... Lots of good news, though - we'll be able to make the t-shirts pay for themselves, the Worldcon bid for Japan in 2007 wants to give us money to throw a party for them in our con suite, and our program book is actually going to make money, even if we have to pay to have it printed (although thieving Adam had the audacity to ask to buy a font - the nerve!). So all is well, even if there are other things that still need a lot of work done to them, but it will all come to pass as it shall, and it shall be good.

John actually commented that it's a shame we don't do this again next year now that we've learned all our lessons. After I splattered his brains across the sofa (or at least I did in my mind's eye) I said I figured we'd have already learned those lessons from Conjecture, and yet here we are repeating some of them (and I'm just as guilty as anyone). Feh. Still, no worries - things shall come to pass, and they shall come to pass well.

I hope.


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