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Today & last night

Why does my annoying co-worker insist on copying our boss on every e-mail she sends me, especially if it's something that she thinks will make me look bad? Why? WHY WHY WHY? Fucking jerk. I really can't stand her.

No phone calls from home over the past few days, which means nothing's going bad. That's good. :) Forgot to mention that when we were at lunch on Saturday my mother called. Grandmom's out of the hospital, but they decided not to put her back into the rehab home since it's likely they're the ones that screwed up her blood sugar by not giving her her insulin on time. So, for the time being, she's living with my cat-killing uncle. Mom says she's doing well, happy to get 3 good meals a day (my aunt is a great cook), and even Mom's been getting out of the house more to come visit with her. She was laughing - it's been a while since I heard her laugh. Of course she still feels bad about Bart, but some good news was welcomed.

In the age-old tradition of Repair Your Watch Day I replaced the dead batteries in 3 of my belt watches at lunch today. On top of that, in honor of Rearrange Your Keys On Your Keyring Day, I now have a separate keyring for my office key and parking lot pass. (I am stunned - stunned! - at how many of you have never heard of these time-honored holidays. Shame on you all!)

Last night was gaming, although Daniel had to miss part of it to do a hotel visit for G'con. We played a very enjoyable new game, Citadels (which I may very well add to my gaming wish list), then a round of Bang!, then Myke and I attempted to kill Daniel in Halo but lost. Quincy came to gaming for the first time and enjoyed himself, and stayed overnight. :) He was threatening to follow me into work today and be my assistant, but thankfully decided to go shopping instead. (Whew!)

My other co-worker gave me a Bagua chart to feng shui my office. I'm scared.

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