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I am so far behind...

I was just looking at my friends page and am reading things that happened weeks ago that I had no clue - important things like break-ups, illnesses and such.

Bah. It used to be habit to read my friends page every day to keep up. I've fallen behind, and I can't even recall when or what caused me to stop reading every day. Probably the Convention That Ate My Life. Maybe it's Q and all of our travels.

I feel so overwhelmed I may be cutting some people off my regular read list so I can keep up with those closest to me. If I don't read something important in your LJ, don't think I don't care - I just can't afford the time.

Blast this convention! (Although I must admit it's fun and energizing. Maybe when it's over I'll actually do some work at work? Naaaaaaaaaaah...)

Of course, I shouldn't feel too bad - Quincy hasn't even posted to his LJ in months, and the last two things were quizzes - they don't count. (And don't just link to mine, boy-o!)

If something really, really important has happened to you and I've missed it, please tell me by replying to this entry! I really do want to know.
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