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Not much better than yesterday...

Grandmom's back in the hospital with a low-grade infection. Ugh. She seems to be doing alright though. My car is running, but I'm still bitter. Still kinda numb about Bart, but now of course Mom's got other things on her mind.

Gamed last night, although I had to take time to talk to Mom and Lynda and so forth. Ben brought his roommate, plus David and Bill showed up. They played a game of Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot, then I joined them for Epic Duels and Transamerica.

Called (and woke up) Q, went to bed a little late, and overslept this morning until 9:00 (used "picking up my car from the mechanic" as an excuse, although I don't think anyone noticed I was late). Spent the day updating the G'con website with all the latest info from the PR. Just found out that our reception planned for next Monday in LA has been cancelled due to lack of response. Not good for our team, but we're going to make a more intimate dinner instead.

Tonight I'm going to do some flyer canvassing in Hillcrest.

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