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This weekend, plus a very up and down Monday

Spent most of last week working on the PR - even skipped LYC karaoke Thursday night to catch up on e-mails and get stuff done (no one went anyway). Friday I had lunch with Quincy 'cause he skipped out of work, then he came over and we had dinner at the Olive Garden with Myke and John. Q had a glass of wine and tried to get some drawing done while I was finishing up the PR, but the poor boo can't hold his alcohol like he used to, and by 11:30 I found him asleep on the couch, so I tucked him away until I finally finished the damn PR around 2:00 am and got to bed around 3.

Saturday we got up late and made ourselves breakfast, and while I spent some time sending out the e-mail announcement that the PR was online, Yudi called around 3:00 saying that they were leaving to spend the weekend in L.A. after all - at 5:00! Quincy said no way, since he'd been bugging Yudi all week to find out whether or not they were actually going, and since no one seemed able to give an answer, we went ahead and made plans. Instead, we met up with some San Diego Dopers at Buca di Beppo in Mira Mesa for San DiegDopfest III - As Big As Your Head! It was me, Quincy, scout1222 (who pulled everything together - great job!), Encinitas, Astroboy and Astrogirl, JeffWC, and Ashes Ashes, who arrived a little late (but that's ok, 'cause she was shopping). After much revelry and funness (and meatballs - as big as your head! - which we didn't actually have but found highly amusing nonetheless), we ended up across the street at Coldstone for dessert - as big as your head! Afterwards Q and I went to buy me a new car battery and other necessities at Wal*Mart, came home, and he went back to his place while I packed a bag and stuff for the staff meeting on Sunday and then followed him there.

Sunday once again we got up late (I'm such a bad influence on him) and had breakfast (at 3:00 pm) at IHOP. While we were there my sister called and said they think my uncles are trying to steal my grandmother's money - WTF?!?! I do not get the rest of my family. Ugh. From there we went right to the G'con staff meeting at Kris & Darrel's, where it was amazing productive despite almost everyone else there but me having already sat through two long meetings for Conjecture (they were getting quite silly towards the end - I'm looking at you, caprine). Afterwards Darrel fired up the BBQ and we had burgers and steaks and played a couple of rounds of Apples to Apples. During dinner Mom called thinking Bart was going to die, but it turns out she was giving him less food to help him lose weight (finally!), but didn't take into consideration he's diabetic, too, so his blood sugar was all screwed up and he was a little out of it. (I didn't get a panicked call that she woke up to a dead cat today, so I'm assuming he's fine now.) Afterwards I headed back to Q's for a bit, then went home.

Today started off just ducky - on the way to work my brakes went from slightly squeaking to grinding metal against metal. By the time I got to work it had gotten so bad that I decided to have AAA tow it to my mechanics (which they did after lunch and I'll find out tomorrow how much this is going to cost me). Managed to get work done anyway, surprised in the morning by Q saying he had time for lunch, so we went and grabbed food at Coco's. While I was there Xodus, the company that markets Joe Phillips' work, called and said they wanted to be part of G'con - neat! More good news when I got back to the office - the hotel had faxed me the delegate report, and we've now gone over our room block by almost 20 room nights! w00t! Add to that I talked to my treasurer who is arranging to make sure the hotel gets paid and had constructive conversations with my hotel liaison and my excursions coordinator, and it was a pretty perky day. darkscydeDaniel picked me up from work (what a bud) and will drive me in tomorrow as well. After work Q came over and brought Jollibee chicken for dinner, and he's drawing while I update LJ and do some con stuff. Glee!

This weekend Q is dragging me to a Wizards comics convention this weekend, but on the plus side James Marsden will be there and I can pick up the copies of Twisted ToyFare Theatre I'm missing. We're staying in a nice Hilton, though, so it'll be fun.

Grandmom is still in hospital but seems to be improving, although goodness knows when she's going to get out of there. Mom seems to be just barely holding it together - thank goodness my sisters are watching out for her. Argh.

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