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Not so bad after all

Some good news - turns out Grandmom might not be as bad as her doctor had reported. Seems Mom only hears the bad news, but doesn't stop to look at the big picture. When my sister talked to the doctor yesterday he basically said they thought they had found blood clots, so they put her on a blood thinner, but it turns out they were scar tissue from either bronchitis or emphyzema my grandmother had years ago. So now they're saying she has bronchitis, and they have her on a blood thickener now. Unfortunately, her arm has been bleeding quite a bit due to the thinner, so they had to give her plasma. I called her today and she sounded mentally ok, but really exhausted. Mom called later and she sounded stable, but it's not easy for her (thankfully she's over the cold she had). Still, Grandmom's 91 - any reason to be in the hospital is a serious one. So we just have to wait and see, but I wouldn't be surprised if she got better but we had to (once again) seriously discuss putting her into some sort of community or assisted living facility (or, by some miracle, all my cousins shape up and one of them moves in with her).

Meanwhile I had a productive day at work, and now I'm having a productive evening getting G'con stuff done. So much to do! I'm a bit overwhelmed, but I'm getting a handle on it thanks to my very on-the-ball team. Yay team!

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