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Last couple of days

Monday I hung my new pictures at work and went shopping at lunchtime at Big Lots where I picked up a neat little wall shelf for my tchotchke. After work I went to Target and bought a toaster for the office (got tired of waiting for them to buy one, and dammit I want my toasted bagel in the morning!) When I got home I talked with Mom who was feeling a little better and wanted to get into the hospital to see Grandmom on Tuesday. Quincy was home studying so I spent the rest of the night sending out more invitations and follow-ups to G'con guests.

Tuesday I finished my decorating with the shelf and the French memo board, and everyone keeps saying I did a good job. Quincy called in the morning and told me he failed his test - poor boo. :( (On the plus side he knows why he failed and hopes to do better when he takes the next higher level test.) Since he had the rest of the day off he came over and we had lunch at Flame Broiler (yum!) and then walked around window shoppig before I went back to work. In the afternoon I sent Yudi the agenda for the Executive Committee meeting because I had G'con things I needed to take care of and needed him to run the meeting (I hope it went ok). Q went out with Yeris, and after I finished what I needed to do for the con John and Daniel made dinner (very yummy!), and afterwards Bill, David, Ben and Adam came over and we played Fluxx, Epic Duels and a new game, Curses.

This morning Lynda called me and said that my grandmother's doctor told my mother that he doesn't think she's going to be going home from the hospital, that even if she gets well (and evidently things are starting to go wrong - kidneys, etc.) she's going to need more intensive care going forward.

Sigh. Don't need another death in the family right now.

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