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This weekend

So Mom ended up getting herself sick and couldn't go into the hospital on Friday, so Bruce went in. What a good son. And he stayed for all of ten minutes. What a good, kind... stupid fuck! Then he spent like 3 hours with my mother because she was sick, but of course she'd rather have stayed in bed instead of sitting in the kitchen with him, when he could have been spending that time with his own mother in the hospital. I don't fucking get my family anymore. But I did call Grandmom, and although she was really tired and just a little kooky (she gets that way in the hospital, it's common for older folks), she was doing ok. After work Q and I went shopping at Mission Valley (he bought a game called Hilarium and a Beast figure, while I finally decided to finish my gaming shopping and bought Apples to Apples, Carcassonne and Truth or Dare Jenga - ooo!). Afterwards we had dinner at Outback and spent the night at his place.

Saturday we got up and grabbed breakfast at Starbuck's, then he headed off to rehearsal. Since I was already in the shopping center, I decided to spend a few hours shopping at Target and picked up some stuff for my new office (including these prints - ain't they keen?). Afterwards I headed home, got myself together and did some work, and headed to LYC coffee (I dropped off the prints at the office on the way to Hillcrest). Quincy met me there, and we went to his favorite restaurant, Taste of Feet Szechuan. :) Johnny's nephew Howie was down from LA, but Quincy begged out of getting dragged out to Numbers so he could study, which I forced him to do once we got home.

Sunday morning we got up and went to IHOP for breakfast, then he headed off to another rehearsal while I played a 3-way game of Halo with Daniel and Tri and got ready for the G'con staff meeting, which went pretty well (although we still have LOTS to do!). Afterwards a bunch of us went to City Deli for food. John rode down with me since Myke is sick again and skipped the meeting, so I drove him home, then went back out to get gas, then finally came home, played Halo again with Daniel, and went to bed.

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