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Massive updating

OK, for some reason after we got back from Vegas in January I started a journal entry and kept adding to it on a daily basis with updates, but I kept it private. I kept thinking I would get around to posting them all public, but never did. Well since I've been home sick for two days, I finally have, so, for those of you who are dying to read about the weird, pointless, boring minutae of my life, here it is:

My weekends are pretty much free from now until G'con, with a staff meeting each Sunday (and one Saturday at the hotel). Lots of work to do for the con, but it's coming along. Allison and I had a good talk last night about what we needed to do to move forward, and I'm going to help her out with some follow-up e-mails and hunting for more e-mails to send out more invites.

Now aren't you glad you clicked on all of those? :D (I'm pretty sure since I backdated them you wouldn't be able to see them on your friends page, but only if you read my journal directly.)

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