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A very sad Thursday

Mom called again, crying hysterically. Seems they needed to put Grandmom in the step-down unit to monitor her heart - in the room right next to the one Dad died in. Ugh. I told her to call her good-for-nothing brothers and make them go look after their mother for a change. Poor Mom - she spent the whole day in that hospital, and all she did was cry because of all the memories, plus all the familiar faces (many of whom stopped by to see her when they found out she was there). It was too much for her. Blah. Thank goodness my sisters have stepped up to the plate and came down to help (they also went over and cleaned Grandmom's house while she was out of it).

Also found out some rather distressing news. persephone767 passed away earlier this morning. Her soon to be ex-husband found her in the bathtub, and it looks like she'd had a seizure. It's so sad - she had had so many setbacks in her life, and she had finally taken charge and things were well on the road to making her happy. She was going through a somewhat amicable divorce and was ok with it, had found a new relationship with eutychus and was going to move to be with him, she'd gotten through some trouble she'd had with Child Protective Services... it's just so tragic. I never met her, although a lot of Dopers did, but I found her through LJ when she'd been dragged through the mud over what happened with her kids, and I found her to be warm, funny, and just a nice person. I'm just so frustrated because I know how hard she'd worked to get herself on track and was trying so hard to make herself happy. I hope that, in itself, gave her some happiness, and I hope it somehow consoles Euty. Between my father, this, and my grandmother, I'm hoping there's no more death in my immediate future. :(

Oh, and Quincy's mad at me. Found out last night before bed. Don't know why, because he's not talking to me. :( Very distressed. I hope he calls me tonight. Blah.

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