Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Turning 50

I think my birthday celebrations are finally over.

Spent my actual birthday weekend in DC. Friday night was spent gaming with friends (of course), then Saturday night I went out carousing with my friend Clint, and got my birthday wish of seeing a stripper I actually thought was hot. :) Sunday I went to the National Portrait Gallery for the first time, and I took off Monday (my actual birthday) and went to the National Archives Museum, also for the first time, and then took an extra day off Tuesday just 'cause. :)

Later that week I got my first tattoo to celebrate, had an unexpected day off from work on Friday, and then that weekend friends took me to an escape room, lunch, and board gaming on Saturday, and then a bunch of us went to the Maryland Ren Faire on Sunday for more fun and frivolity.

Finally last weekend I went home to Philadelphia and Mom put together a great party for me on Saturday with food, family, friends, and board games, and then on Sunday we all went to see my great-niece's christening.

I got a few nice gifts, including a couple of new board games and money (to buy more board games). But the best part was to be surrounded by people I like. :) Thanks to everyone who joined me and sent their good wishes! <3

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